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Combustion Technologies - Home of CleanBoost Products & Technology    




Additives, Engine Additives, By-Pass Filtration Systems.
Industrial, Mining and Transportation, Fleet/Transit Supplies.
"Cost Saving Solutions & Products" for you and your company.

New Oil & Gas Division "CleanBoost Downhole Solutions" (CLICK)

Combustion Technologies USA LLC is a BBB Accredited Fuel Economizer Supplier in Sandy, UT                        
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Welcome to
Combustion Technologies
 "The original manufacturer of CleanBoost  Fuel and Lubricating products"


Products and Offerings:
CleanBoost Fuel Treatments, CleanBoost Engine Treatments, Mettle Plus Greases,
Custom Filtration (Oil and Fuel
), Drilling and Production Chemicals, Car Care Products and more.........

Combustion Technologies USA manufactures and offers many products for the following market segments:

  • Trucking/Fleet: Fuel Treatments/Additives, Combust Filtration, Filtakleen, Grease, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • Mining: Fuel Treatments/Additives, Filtration, Filter Carts, Filtakleen, Grease, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • Oil & Gas: Downhole Drilling Additive, Filtration, Grease, Fuel Treatments, Anti-Gel
  • Construction: Fuel Treatments, Additives, Grease, Filtration
  • Automotive: Car Care Products, Fuel Pills, Fuel Additives, Filtration
  • Manufacturing: Filtration, Grease, Special Additives
  • Transit: Filtration, Fuel Treatments, Grease, Filtakleen, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • Racing: Special Additives, Engine Oils, Fuel Additives
  • Off-Roading: Special Additives, Engine Oils, Fuel Additives
  • Generation: Filtration, Fuel Additives, Engine Additives

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CleanBoost Performance Motor Oils & Combustion Technologies 

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With offices in the United States, Canada and South America

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Combustion Technologies is the original manufacturer of CleanBoost products.
CleanBoost is a registered trademark of Combustion Technologies.

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