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* EPA Registered Fuel Additives
* Engine Additives/Metal Treatment & Oils
*Specialty Lubricants & Greases
* By-Pass Filtration, Fuel Solutions, Custom Filtration


"Cost Saving Solutions & Products" for you and your equipment.
Mining, Industrial, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Fleet/Transit

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 Combustion Technologies USA manufactures and offers many products for the following market segments:

  • Trucking/Fleet: Fuel Treatments/Additives, By-Pass & Fuel Filtration, Filtakleen, Grease, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • Mining: Fuel Treatments/Additives, By-Pass & Fuel Filtration, Filter Carts, Filtakleen, Grease, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • Oil & Gas: Downhole Drilling Additive, Filtration, Grease, Fuel Treatments, Anti-Gel
  • Construction: Fuel Treatments, Additives, Grease, Custom Filtration
  • Windmill Turbine: Oil Additive to help reduce oxidation & temperature in the gear box. CleanBoost Turbine & Gear Oil's
  • Automotive: Car Care Products, Fuel Pills, Fuel Additives, Engine Additive, Penetrating Sprays
  • Manufacturing: Filtration, Grease, Special Additives
  • Transit: Filtration, Fuel Treatments, Grease, Filtakleen, Engine Oils, Anti-Gel
  • School Bus: By-Pass Filtration, Fuel Additives, Greases, Fuel Tank Filtration, Engine Oils
  • Racing: Special Additives, Engine Oils, Fuel Additives
  • Off-Roading: Special Additives, Engine Oils, Fuel Additives
  • Generation: Filtration, Fuel Additives, Engine Additives
  • Custom Filtration: Fuel Islands, Central Fueling, Filtration Carts, By-Pass Engine, Custom Fuel Solutions
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Combustion Technologies is the original manufacturer of CleanBoost products.
CleanBoost is a registered trademark of Combustion Technologies.

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