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For Release on 3-25-2013

NEW!!! Combust Filters "Diesel Engine Filtration By-Pass System" (Spin-On Style Kidney Loop)

ENGINE BY-PASS Filtration, reduced SOOT, Extended Drain Intervals, Healthier Running Engines and remove 99.9% of the water.

2013 Press Releases

For Release on 11-13-2013

Utilizing our Combust Fuel Filter technology, we have developed a Diesel Engine By-Pass filter system that addresses soot, wear contamination, oxidation and water removal. Imagine the cost savings when you or your fleet can extend oil drains up to 5X with no major issues. Our new Combust By-Pass Filter can filter down to 3 micron and will remove 99.9% of the water (condensation) in your diesel, natural gas of CNG engine application.

Combust filters are tested and proven and will protect your fleet today, call us for more details and to find a distributor near you.

For Release on 1-10-2013

Combustion Technologies Announces Strategic Alliance with WSB

SANDY, UTAH, (January 17, 2013) - Combustion Technologies USA, the original manufacturer of the CleanBoost® family of products, including oils, fuel treatments and car-care products, is pleased to announce its expanded alliance with Worldwide Sustainable Blends (“WSB”), based in Portland, Oregon.

“We were delighted to find a strong partner, with such deep roots in the heavy duty aftermarket”, says Don Poscente, founder of Combustion Technologies in Canada.  “Our product offering has grown quite a bit over the last few years from EPA Registered fuel treatments to lubricants and into filtration.  And we recently brought some exciting new products through the development stage and they are now ready for the marketplace.  So the timing was right for us to team up with WSB and give them exclusive marketing rights to some new, nanotechnology formulations.  As a manufacturer, nanotechnology allows us to custom-tailor our products, at a molecular level, to perform better than a lot of the older products out there.  It might not be obvious to the naked eye, or even from the specifications, but there really is a qualitative difference when you start looking at the performance levels we can deliver and at the true, long-term cost-savings of using these products.  We can also achieve superior performance without having to include flammable solvents or toxic ingredients, like chlorine, which can destroy internal fuel and engine components.”

“In WSB we now have a partner who shares our vision, with a commitment to offering eco-friendly products to the heavy duty industry that improve operating efficiency, reduce maintenance requirements and improve the equipment operator’s bottom line.  We look forward to supporting WSB on the technical side as they ramp up sales through their extensive distribution network across North America.”

"The WSB team is thrilled to be taking our relationship with Combustion Technologies to a whole new level", stated Jerry Weis, CEO of WSB Industries.  "The quality of the products, the concern of Combustion Technologies to be as green as possible, and the fact that we have been selling their products for the last four and a half years makes our new strong partner relationship a big step in the right direction for both organizations", commented Chris Sweet President of WSB Industries.  “We share a commitment to deliver cutting edge products that are ecologically responsible and economically feasible.  With Combustion Technologies’ focus on innovative science and WSB Industries’ strong ties and reputation in the heavy duty aftermarket, it's truly a great partnership.”

Combustion Technologies USA (“Combustion”) is a private company located Sandy, Utah with an extensive background in diesel engine operation and maintenance.  The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of efficiency-improving fuel additives, engine oils, specialty chemicals and lubricants and mission critical filtration systems for a wide range of industries, including transportation, mining, power generation, construction and oil and gas.  These innovative products are sold through white-label channels and under Combustion’s flagship “CleanBoost” and “Mettle Plus” brands, directly to large end-users and through a network of regional and national distributors in the United States. 

WSB Industries is an environmentally responsible company dedicated to providing innovative, cost effective products to improve the quality of life and help clean up the environment. WSB is involved in the distribution of renewable, clean-burning lubricants and additives which have been proven to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and reduce wear in vehicles as well as machinery.


Don Poscente
Managing Director
Combustion Technologies USA, LLC
Tel: (416) 410-3333

For Release on 1-07-2013

Combustion Technologies would like to announce the partnership for distribution with Wicks Truck Trailers in Straford Missouri. Starting on Jan 20th, 2013, Wicks Truck Trailer in Stratford will be offering the CleanBoost Maxx fuel treatments for sale as well as our CleanBoost Fuel Pills and other CleanBoost products. We are glad the have distribution through Wick's network of trailer centers as well as their expertise in this market. 

Make sure to call Wicks Truck Trailers today for your CleanBoost products at (800) 965-5553 and ask for David Stone.

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Johnny Ahten –Pomona NHRA Auto Club NHRA Finals Wrap-up

PR Contact:  John Rogers at
Pomona Win a True Homecoming for Ahten Family

Pomona, CA – A young Johnny Ahten sat in the stands and dreamed of winning the Pomona Drags. Al Ahten, Johnny’s Dad, raced at many historic California Drag Strips and shared the same dream. Fast forward thirty years and Johnny is strapped into his Nitromethane Injected Dragster for the final round, his Dad standing behind him. His wife and two young sons are in the stands. As the race begins, Johnny Ahten the racer/kid-in-the-stands is ready. Al Ahten, the Crew Chief/Dad is ready. They have both been ready for this moment for years. Johnny inches the car in deep and turns off the top bulb. At the flash of yellow the cars launch. Johnny’s .016 light has him out in front. His opponent, number one qualifier and World Champ Jim Whiteley, is closing fast. Tire shake rears its ugly head and Whiteley is forced to get on and off the throttle as his car shakes, breaks, and tosses a blower belt. Johnny Ahten rockets ahead for the win. A 5.428/259.86 flashes in Johnny’s lane. A cylinder or two were out, but the time didn’t matter. Johnny Ahten crossed the finish line first at the race he always wanted to win. Al Ahten celebrated if he was a kid. In the crowd, Johnny’s two sons, as well as other youngsters, begin to dream of Pomona glory. 

“This is the biggest race there is for us to win – it’s iconic,” said Johnny Ahten. “All I remember is at about 800-900ft I didn't see him. I kept waiting for Whiteley to come rocketing by. After I crossed the finish line I couldn’t tell if the win light in either lane was on. I began to think I had won, and hoping I didn't go red. I came around the corner and the top end workers directed me to the TV cameras. Then they all started running at me and pointing. I couldn’t believe it. The next thing I know they shoved a Wally in my hands. All I could think was, ‘Is this for me?’ I’m not sure when this will sink in, but I do know it will make the off season incredible,” added Ahten. “The response has been overwhelming with phone calls, emails, texts, and even flowers. It’s a real thrill.” Johnny Ahten went on to say, “All this was made possible with the help of Island Renovations, Combust Filters, NGK, DJ Safety, Hedman Hedders, Mechanix Wear, Fireman’s Brew, and Goodson Tools and Supplies.” 

Johnny’s dream weekend started out with a lone qualifying session on Thursday. A 5.489/247.70 pass put the Island Renovations / Combust Filters car in the number twelve spot. In Friday’s second session, a 5.484/259.01 dropped them to #14. Crew Chief Al Ahten and crewmembers Howard Katano, Kevin Colvell, Chuck Costabile, Bob Ahten, and John Rogers worked in harmony to try and get the Stump Puller to go faster. The result was a final qualifying pass of 5.376/259.31 that propelled them into the #7 slot.

Saturday’s mid-morning start to eliminations saw cool air and track temperatures. Shawn Cowie would be the first round opponent. The Stump Puller filled the crisp air with Nitro as Johnny blasted off the starting line first. Cowie caught up quickly and it turned into a good old-fashioned drag race. At the finish line it was Ahten getting the close win with a 5.391/257.58 to Cowie’s 5.394/268.71. Even though Ahten never trailed, it was too close for comfort. 

Sunday raceday began at 7am in the Ahten pits, allowing the team to prepare the car and form a plan. They would continue to massage the tune-up and race the track. The elusive higher mile per hour goal was still a mystery. Second round adversary Joey Severance got the advantage at the start. Johnny had that made up by the sixty foot mark. At the finish line, Johnny got the win with a 5.354/259.01 to a 5.493/249.26 for Severance. The victory was costly, as bits of aluminum were sacrificed. A new cylinder head had to be installed in addition to the regular between rounds maintenance. The team thrashed to get the car ready. Waiting in the staging lanes was #3 qualifier Mark Taliaferro. As the Sump Puller was pushed to the line, Johnny Ahten knew what he had to do. Taliaferro had beaten Ahten in the first round in Vegas just a few weeks prior. This time the chance to race in the finals was on the line. Johnny slapped a cosmic .012 light on Taliaferro at the hit. It proved to be enough as Johnny’s holeshot 5.368/258.76 beat Taliaferro’s quicker 5.303/272.01. The crowd and crew went wild and it was time to prepare for the finals. The Ahten Racing Team’s plan to get off the line, get down the track, and make it a good one was right on schedule. Shouts of encouragement serenaded the Ahten Racing team as they towed to the lanes for the finals. 

The Final round opponent would be number one qualifier and World Champion Jim Whiteley. The California sun began to set on the historic Pomona raceway. The air cooled and the tension began to rise higher and higher. Al Ahten strapped his son Johnny into the Sump Puller. The desires of a Father, and the dreams of a son were about to be played out. As Johnny raced down the track, they all came true and victory at the Pomona Drags was a reality for the Ahten family of drag racers.

Island Renovations understands the complexity of Hawaii's homes and their customers’ needs. Whether you are looking to build, remodel, or replace your existing windows and doors, Island Renovations is there to provide outstanding service and products to give your home added value with the satisfaction and peace of mind from a company that puts their customers first.The Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System provides 3 Micron filtration, 100% Water Removal, Soot Removal, Extended Engine Life, Pollution Prevention, and Reduced Oil Consumption. By keeping the oil free of moisture contamination and particulates larger than 3 microns, your engine oil will have reduced Oxidation, Nitration, while maintaining required oil viscosity and TBN for proper lubrication. Our system incorporates only the best technology and quality construction for ease of use and installation. Features include an easy to read pressure gauge, 2 sizes of spin-on filters (7” and 12”), a push button oil sample valve, and a custom flow fitting to ensure a continuous proper flow. No internal moving parts to wear out!  Fireman's Brew grew out of two Los Angeles based firefighter's vision to create premium handcrafted beers that would quench their thirsts after an exhausting day on the firelines. Originally created by firefighters for firefighters, Fireman's Brew is now available at bars, restaurants and retail stores throughout Southern California, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado & Nebraska.
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Photo courtesy of Troy Case

For Release on 8-03-2013
Combust Filters Sponsorship to Power Ahten Starting in Seattle

Kent, WA – Ahten Racing is proud to announce that Combust Filters has been named as a major associate sponsor starting at this weekend’s Northwest Nationals at Pacific Racways. Combustion Technologies provides the CleanBoost Performance 70Wt Racing Oil for Ahten Racing. Now they are highlighting their line of By-Pass Filtration (Kidney Loop) systems for trucking, industrial and marine engines. Having the option of Combust Filters, Filtakleen or Filmax, they can cover all your By-Pass filtration needs.

“The best part about adding Combust Filters is what we did to the car”, said Johnny Ahten.  “I am proud to announce that Pacific Raceways will see the debut of the new look Stump Puller. Island Renovations and Combust Filters are featured on the new wrap, and we have new crew shirts to match. The Stump Puller’s new image was created by team member John Rogers and wrapped by Expectalot. It’s been a long time coming and we hoping to turn a few heads while turning some quick times,” added Ahten.

Since the last race, Johnny and the crew have spent time on the clutch dyno, testing at the track, and brainstorming about the set-up. “We’ve lost a lot of rounds this year due to tire shake,” added Ahten. “We went testing at Famoso and made runs on both a cold and hot track and had encouraging numbers with a gain in MPH. We believe we have a handle on it, some insight and a game plan. Shake has been an issue for many this year, and we are sorting it all out.”

Johnny will be joined at the Northwest Nationals by his crew chief and Father, Al Ahten, Howard Katano, Kevin “Shark” Colvell, and Todd “Rocky” Rockwell. This is only the second time that Ahten Racing has been to Pacific Raceways, and they are all looking to going rounds and performing well.

Long hours in preparation for this race have not been limited to the car. A new race rig meant time was spent fixing and fabricating. The culmination of hours of work on the car, the rig, and the tune-up brings high expectations for Johnny and Ahten Racing. With the support of Island Renovations and new major associate sponsor Combust Filters, Johnny Ahten is ready to get in the seat and test the adhesive properties of the new wrap with some quick and fast blasts down the track.

For Release on 5-15-2013

Combustion Technologies Announces Termination of EGS Distributorship

SANDY, UTAH, (May 15, 2013) - Combustion Technologies USA ("CT USA"), the original manufacturer of the CleanBoost® family of products, confirms that it has terminated its distribution relationship with Eco Global Solutions ("EGS"), based in Napa, California.

"It is never an easy decision to terminate a long-standing and valued customer. We supplied EGS with its EPA Registered fuel additives since 2009. EGS re-sold our products under the EGS Boost and EGS Boost X brands", says Don Poscente of CT USA. "But going forward, we decided it was now more appropriate to focus our efforts on supporting distribution channels where our high-quality products reach the marketplace under our own CleanBoost brands. CleanBoost is a registered trademark of Combustion Technologies and we think consumers have a right to know the true source of the fuel additives they are buying. There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there and we want to do our part to prevent it."

Combustion Technologies USA ("Combustion") is a private company located Sandy, Utah with an extensive background in diesel engine operation and maintenance. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of efficiency-improving fuel additives, engine oils, specialty chemicals and lubricants and mission critical filtration systems for a wide range of industries, including transportation, mining, power generation, construction and oil and gas. These innovative products are sold under Combustion’s flagship "CleanBoost", "Combust Filters" and "Mettle Plus" brands, directly to large end-users and through a network of regional and national distributors in the United States and Canada.


Don Poscente 
Managing Director 
Combustion Technologies USA, LLC 
Tel: (416) 410-3333

CleanBoost Fuel Additives, Bypass Filtration, Filtakleen Filters, Fuel Filtration, Specialty Lubricants & Motor Oils