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CleanBoost Racing

Combustion Technologies & CleanBoost Oil are proud to have partnered with several drivers in the drag racing world. Our drivers and race teams are vital ambassadors for our line of products, and are reputable and marketable teams. We are proud to be working with all the racers of the NHRA and IHRA and hope you will look at our products for your team.


CleanBoost 20w50 and 70W Racing Oil protects like no other racing oil on the market, ask our racers how it works......

Video on 70W racing oil and Team Work: (Click Here)

Protect your engine today by using CleanBoost Performance Motor Oils, nothing like it on the market. Ask our truck drivers and racer that use CleanBoost Motor Oils, they will tell you the protection is like no other oil on the market.

  Piston Skirt without CleanBoost Oil         Piston Skirt using CleanBoost Oil                   Rod Bearings, Left with CleanBoost, Right with Competitor Oil

Video Links from our Racers and Race Teams:

Rocky Mountain Raceway Nitro Jam 2011:

Racing "James Day":

Racing "Johnny Ahten":

Racing "Chris Demke":

Racing "Joey Severance":




James Day: NHRA Funny Car Driver


James Day is a working man with the spunk and humbleness fans of drag racing gravitate too.

A second-generation drag racer growing up in the hot bed of the sport, Southern California, Day has literally worked his way to becoming one of the most sought after drivers in drag racing today. From front motored Top Fuel Dragsters and Funny Cars, to the modern-day 300 mile per hour monsters of the quarter-mile, Day has driven them all. However, he didn’t start as a driver. Like everything in his life, he worked his way to the top.

Day began as a crew member on his father’s race teams as a child. He then worked with several professional teams, starting with cleaning the race car until learning all phases of mechanical duties before he ever strapped into a race car. The experience has helped Day become a more complete and proficient driver.

James is the driver of John Lindsay’s CleanBoost PERFORMANCE MOTOR OILS sponsored Monte Carlo NHRA Nitro Funny Car and uses CleanBoost 70W Racing Oil to protect his 8,000 Horse Power engine.

Currently James is driving Gary Turners Nostalgia Funny Car "The Pedaler" and enjoying all the seat time he gets, James is a great driver.

Johnny Ahten: NHRA A/Fuel & IHRA Pro Fuel Dragster


Johnny’s involvement in drag racing began at birth. Being born into a family of racers paved a solid foundation for his passion in the sport.

Ahten Racing began as early as the late 1960’s with brothers Al and Bob, Johnny’s father and Uncle, hitting the local strips of Southern California. Today, he is the driver of the Ahten Racing Nitro-methane powered A/Fuel Dragster. Eclipsing 270 miles per hour in less than 5.3 seconds is standard fare for the Santa Clarita, Calif. based race car driver.

When not racing, Johnny is employed as a Firefighter Specialist with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. He has moved up through the ranks to be the one who drives and pumps the fire engine. He gets to drive fast on and off the track. “Both my racing and my career can be very similar,” noted Ahten.”Both require good people skills and performance under pressure.”

Johnny uses our CleanBoost 70W Racing Oil and his car is wrapped showing our Combust Filters manufactured by Combustion Technologies. Combust Filters are like no other filters on the market, utilizing water removal technology, oil and fuel can be filtered cleaner than the factory and can be utilized for extended use.

Chris Demke: NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster


CleanBoost Performance Motor Oil is proud to have partnered with Chris Demke and team owner Jerry Maddern for the 2010 NHRA season. Demke has captured two NHRA National Event Victories so far in 2010 and is on a quest to capture the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series championship.

2014 TAD World Champion, Demke and Maddern choose to use our CleanBoost 70W Racing Oil to protect their highly competitive 471 Cubic Inch Blown Alcohol Dragster. They also use the CleanBoost EMT Metal Treatment to protect the 3-speed manual transmission and the rear end gears. The team also uses our NANO-SHEEN Waterless Wash and Shine to clean their award winning Dragster.

For the 2013/2014 NHRA season, Chris Demke will be sponsored by on of our CleanBoost distributors:

To learn more about Chris Demke, please visit his website at

Don St. Arnaud: NHRA A-Fuel Dragster A&J Construction


Don owns and operates A & J Construction Inc. which is a private company that specializes Concrete Construction, Roads, Highways, Sidewalks, Etc. and located in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Don has been a dedicated CleanBoost 70W user since 2010 and his team give 100% each and every pass when it comes to competing in the Lucas NHRA series.
 Don has the fastest A-Fuel Dragster in MPH in the NHRA in 2015, this car runs.

 Garrett Bateman: NHRA A-Fuel Dragster HipLink/Boost Performance Products


HipLink Software is the primary sponsor for Henkelman Motorsports, fielding an A/Fuel Dragster in the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series and at NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series events. Tuning duties are shared by recognized Top Fuel tuner Rick Henkelman and Rick's son that can tune a car down any track. Garrett Bateman handling the driving duties and as you may know, Garrett holds world records in land speed at Bonneville Salt Flats. Garrett can drive any race car, he is a great talent and we are glad he is part of the CleanBoost family.

Joey Severance: NHRA TAD Dragster - Woodburn Dragway


Joey runs and operates Woodburn Dragstrip and obviously knows the facility better than anyone who’ll line up against him.“This track is a seven-days-a-week job,” says Severance, who does everything from plunging toilets to handling souvenir sales to prepping the all-concrete surface. “It’s a lot different, being on this side of things. Instead of complaining about not getting paid enough, now I’m complaining about how much money we have to pay out.” Woodburn Dragstrip is a proud sponsor of CleanBoost Oil and also offers/sells the CleanBoost Oil at this location. Joey and his team have been running CleanBoost 70W Racing Oil for 3 years now, we are proud to be working with Joey and his family.
 Watch Joey's video above, he can drive on two wheels as well as four wheels.

Steve Gasparelli : NHRA Funny Car


Gasparrelli is a 10-time national event winner who has scored three times at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona, at the season-ending event in 2000, 2002, and 2005. His father is late West Coast racing legend Lou Gasparrelli, who drove competitive entries from the Gasser Wars era through the evolution of the Top Alcohol Funny Car class. The elder Gasparrelli won in Pomona twice, at the season-opening event in 1986 and 1993.

Scott Stanger: 
NHRA Nostalgia Funny Car

Scott runs a couple of cars an awesome Fiat and a Dodge Challenger Funny Car. the Fiat was originally built in the late 60's and raced mostly in California. Scott bought it right after high school and has raced it on and off ever since. We have recently added the "Bad Manners II" Nostalgia Funny Car to our team. Scott is from Utah and races between Utah, Idaho and Nevada. Scott and his team has started running the CleanBoost oil in late June of 2014, we are  proud to have Scott and Bad Manners Racing flying the CleanBoost colors.

Dan Pomponio : NHRA T/A Funny Car


The Pomponio Racing Team is truly a family affair.  Dan and his wife’s, Beth, first date was to a drag race.  Now, the team includes son, Danny as crew chief, daughter, Maureen, son-in-law, Ted, and their two children. Dan's brother, John, has been part of the team since he was 10 years old.  His son, Johnny, continues the family love of drag racing as a team member, also.  Rounding out the team is long time friend and Super Gas racer, Pete "Lucky" Luciano, and his daughter, Leanne. Dan and his team has been using CleanBoost Racing Oil for over 4 years now and we are proud to be part of his family.

Synoil Racing: NHRA T/A Funny Car

The SynOil Racing Team is truly a team and family affair.  Car owner Geoff Goodwin is part of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame. 
Driver Greg Hunter has taken the SynOil Funny car to a 261 MPH, 5:57 ET and still has more to give the power house if needed. One thing that stands out with the SynOil Racing Team is Greg's back up girl, his wife Staci that always make sure Greg is pointing straight down the 1320 ft of track each and every time. CleanBoost Oil is glad to be part of the SynOil Racing team making sure their engine has a great 70W racing oil protecting those important and expensive parts.

Steve Schoenfeld: NHRA Alter

t the tender age of 16 Steve made his first run down a drag strip in Grand Junction Co. in his Dad Sonnys injected SBC powered front engine dragster. After nagging Sonny for months he caved and let Steve drive. Steve was warned to follow his directions to the T or he’d never drive it again. Following those directions he blistered the quarter mile with an 11.00 pass at 100 MPH. Steve says he still remembers that first run. “Thought I rotated the earth under me” he said. That run kept him unsatisfied till he got to make another pass.

Todd Swinford: NHRA 


Todd licenses in 2005 in a A/Fuel-TAD option, basically Todd can drive most any race car and can drive it well. Todd received his Funny Car license in 2011 driving a Datsun Funny Car @ 206.25 MPH with a time of 6.849. Todd lives and breathes drag racing as when he is not in the seat of some sort of drag car, Todd is helping on crews with great teams such as Sean Bellemeur, Shelly Anderson, John Force, Cory Mac, Connie Kalitta and Russ Parker. Todd is a down to earth family man and a great friend to all racers, CleanBoost Oil is proud to work with Todd as he is a great promoter of CleanBoost products.

Mike Morel Racing: Funny Car:

Sportsman Racing:

In addition to sponsoring professional drag racing teams in NHRA, ADRL and IHRA, CleanBoost® PERFORMANCE MOTOR OIL is proud to support the local sportsman racer who needs a bit of help to get their home-built cars out to their local track for some fun on a Friday and Saturday nights. Make sure to look at our 20w50 Racing Oil and our CleanBoost EMT engine oil additive, proven to protect those expensive internal parts.


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