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Make sure your diesel equipment starts and stays running when the cold weather hits your location....

Also make sure and check out our new Sno-Cat product for extreme weather conditions.

WORKS GREAT with #1 and #2 Diesel Fuels. Also works great with Bio-Diesel Fuels B5, B10 & B20 to reduce pour points and stop Gelling.

CleanBoost Diesel Cold Flow aka Anti-Gel is a unique blend polymers formulated to lower the cold filter plug point of harder to treat diesel fuels. When winter hits, you may not have the time to thaw your equipment fuel lines and change out fuel filters. To prevent gelling or the formation of crystals, CleanBoost Cold Flow has been specially formulated to provide maximum flow/pouring capabilities in diesel and biodiesel fuels. The advanced formulation provides superior performance to help prevent filter plugging in cold temperatures and to eliminate the problems associated with water present in fuel.  

Combined with our new Combust Fuel Filters, we can remove 99.9% of the water in your equipment's fuel system and or storage tanks. To ensure satisfactory cold weather performance Clean Boost Cold Flow is capable of preventing gelling of #2 diesel fuels as low as -40° F. (Note: treat ratios vary from 1:10,000 to 1:1,000) depending on your location temperature.


  • Inhibits growth of wax crystals in storage tanks and equipment/truck fueling systems
  • Depresses the pour point, allows fuel to flow easier in cold temperatures
  • Improves CFPP (Cold Filter Pour Point) behavior.
  • Reduces need to use kerosene dilution for pour or flow control.
  • Helps diesels start in cold weather environments

The Cloud Point of diesel is the temperature at which solid waxy particles begin to form within the diesel fuel.  Another way to say it is: the cloud point is the point at which solid wax crystals begin to form within the diesel fuel.  If the diesel fuel is allowed to stay at the cloud point temperature long enough, then sufficient wax solids can form that result in a plugged fuel system and an inoperable vehicle. 

Anti-Gel additives can help prevent fuel system plugging by modifying the crystals formed in diesel fuel allowing formation not to take place. Keeping the crystals smaller in size allows the diesel fuel to flow and not form waxes.

Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) - The cold filter plugging point, as defined by International Petroleum Standard IP-309 .  It determines the lowest temperature where 20 ml of fuel can be drawn through a 45 micron screen in 60 seconds with 200 mm of water (1.96 kPa) of vacuum. 

Pour Point- (the lowest temperature at which diesel fuel will pour under given conditions) within the range of normal winter temperatures. As a fuel approaches its pour point, paraffin in the fuel form wax crystals that prevent it from flowing. Anti-Gel additives modify the wax crystals, lowering the pour point of the fuel and give better cold weather performance. 

Testing of CleanBoost Cold Flow: (Click Here)

CleanBoost Cold Flow (Anti-Gel) will be available in 55 gallon drums and 330 gallon Totes.

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