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Racing Products

Class: Top Alcohol Funny Car (NHRA)

Class: Top Fuel & Nostalgia Funny Car

James Day 

Scott Stanger

​Don Hudson

Nancy Matter

Chris Demke

Combustion Technologies & CleanBoost Oil are proud to have partnered with several drivers in the Drag Racing world. Our drivers and race teams are vital ambassadors for our line of products, and are reputable and marketable teams. We are proud to be working with all the racers of the NHRA and IHRA and hope you will look at our products for your team.

Class: Top Alcohol Dragster (NHRA)

Garrett Bateman

Steve Macklyn 

Duane Shields 

Johnny Ahten

​Class: NHRA/IHRA Summit ET Sportsman Racing
In addition to sponsoring professional drag racing teams, CleanBoost is proud to support local sportsman racers who take the time to build some serious racing machines. Built in shops and garages around the world, these sportsman racers keep the passion moving forward and make sure drag racing stays alive. CleanBoost Oil and CleanBoost EMT is a big part of keeping these high performance racer cars on the track each weekend.

Dan Pomponio 

Joey Severance

Steve Gasparelli 

CleanBoost Racing Drivers

Chris Marshall 

Class: AA Altered and Nostalgia Altered

Dan Hix

Mathew Leonard

Steve Schoenfeld

Class: Tractor/Truck Pulling

​​Adrian Hunter

​Lance Flemming

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Clean Boost Performance Motor Oils


Hunter Jones 

Cody "Flash" Perkins 

Nick Januick 

Mike Quayle 

James Stevens