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Filtakleen™ By-Pass Filtration Units and Filtakleen™ Replacement Cartridges are offered by Combustion Technologies USA. When it comes to Bypass filtration, Filtakleen Filters designed in Dorset England is one of the options we can offer fleets and transit groups.
Offering 6 part numbers can set up your equipment with a full filtration program for most applications. Part numbers 358, 668, 878, 988 
and two hydraulic systems can filter your lubricants down to 2-micron keeping your equipment healthy and running more efficient.

Combustion Technologies can offer you and your company a full line of Filtakleen™ products. We also manufacture other styles/options of By-Pass Filtration solutions for larger applications using a very similar technology. Filtakleen Filtration and by-pass (kidney loop) filters have been proven to work in extending oil drain intervals up to 5 times longer and allows the oil to stay clean during this extended time. Oil Analysis has proven our filters to be one of the best on the market today. We have fleets on the east-coast extending their oil change intervals up to 100,000 miles and keeping their equipment healthy and running longer. Proven test have shown that our by-pass filters can also increase fuel mileage up to 3% in most cases. Keeping your oil clean from contaminants and soot will allow your engine to runs longer as the oil stays cleaner longer. 

Learn more on how Filtakleen Filtration will help your fleet run cleaner, longer and healthier.
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Having a problem finding Filtakleen™ replacement cartridges, give us a call, we have plenty in stock and can ship the same day.
Filtakleen C58, C68, C78 and C88 elements are available today and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Give us a call or email today for pricing and details: Phone: 1-866-680-3055 ext 1 or fill our our contact form on our About Us page.

Filtakleen specializes in filtration, we can clean your turbine oil, hydraulic oil (high pressure up to 7000psi), engine oils and gear oils cleaner than OEM requirements. We have teamed up with the worlds best filtration companies to help you keep your equipment running longer and healthier and also help the environment for wasted oil usage. You can also click on for more information. (Filtakleen International)

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