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What are CleanBoost Fuel Treatments?

Combustion Technologies is the manufacturer of CleanBoost Fuel Treatments, which are US EPA registered and have been used safely in standard on-road and off-road engines for over 25 years. 

The products are based on a proprietary

nano-technology that introduces a very small amount of highly purified catalysts into the fuel, where it reduces the ignition threshold, so that more of the fuel’s chemical energy is released into a burst of concentrated kinetic energy at the crankshaft. 

Less of the fuel is wasted as heat and the result is more power.  This extra power can be used to do more or faster work, or to do the same work with less fuel, which results in fuel savings. 

Less unburned fuel leaves the combustion chambers as soot, which keeps exhaust valves, turbos and exhaust systems cleaner.  The end result is that CleanBoost fuel treatments keeps an engine performing at peak levels for much longer.

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