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CleanBoost™ Fuel Pills & Fuel Powder are designed using the same technology as our CleanBoost liquid products. With extensive testing in place to assure proper performance, CleanBoost Fuel Pills & CleanBoost Fuel Powder will dramatically reduce the carbon particulate emissions while giving the fuel a chance to burn more complete in the combustion chamber. There is the obvious saving associated with increasing the energy output of the fuel. CleanBoost products help reduce soot and keep DPF systems cleaner.

EPA Registered and able to be used in Diesel and Gasoline applications. (Car, Generators, Motor Cycle, Scooter, Lawn Equipment)

Diesel Fuel Treatment which help the diesel fuel injectors on all engine, will help keep gasoline engines running clean as well.

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CleanBoost Fuel Pills / Fuel Tablets

Removes Deposits:

The components in CleanBoost Fuel Pills cause deposit removal by interacting with the surface of the engine components where deposits are left behind. This process allows the release of carbon atoms in the form of CO2 that occur at the lower temperatures found at the deposit surface.

Decreases Fuel Consumption:

Fuel economy shows up as the carbon deposits are removed from the internal engine components.  This process is due to the more efficient conversion of the fuels CO2 and the fact that deposits that absorbs and protects the fuel from being completely burned in the combustion chamber. Gasoline Pill and Diesel Pill both will address emissions as well as fuel economy. 

Reduces Emissions:

The primary source for harmful emissions is the carbon deposits themselves. With the deposits being reduced and or removed, there is a drastic reduction in the emissions of CO, NOx, SOx, HC and particulates which help the environment and healthier running equipment.

Lower Exhaust Temperatures:

Diesel and Gasoline alike has a limited amount of energy that is derived through the production of CO2. The components in CleanBoost Fuel Pills promote the production of CO2. When more of a fuel's energy is released during the combustion phase less is available to be released during the exhaust phase. The difference in energy release correlates to a temperature from in exhaust temperatures.  A lower temperature during the exhaust phase, due to decreased CO2 production during that phase, results in cooler exhaust.

Extends Engine Oil Life:

CleanBoost™ treated fuels tend to produce smaller and less abrasive particles during the combustion process which in connection with the removal of carbon deposits, results in cleaner, longer lasting oil. These results lead to reduced engine wear and less maintenance time.

Extended Equipment Life:

Equipment life is increased due to lack of deposit buildup, cleaner oil and reduced friction. Injectors, valves, rings and other associated parts show little sign of wear even after extended use. 

Octane-Requirement Decrease:

In gasoline applications a lower octane fuel can be used, due to carbon deposit removal, and still provide the same performance as with previous higher-octane fuels. Testing at Intertek Labs shows an increase in RON & MON testing which shows an increase in octane.

Now available in 50-count and 2500 count bulk option. (Bulk 25,000 count options available for larger customers)

Ask or Call for a distributor in your area, CleanBoost is a registered trademark for Combustion Technologies USA

335-grams of Powder 

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