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With the desulphurization of diesel over the last two decades and the introduction of bio-blended fuels operators need to be aware that fuel integrity can be compromised in less than 12 months and legacy fuel management programs may not be enough to protect emergency engines.

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Types of Filter Carts and Mobile Systems by Combust Filters (Combustion Technologies)

Filtakleen Filter Cart

Our partners ReFuel Canada and ReFuel USA gives us an overview why diesel tanks need to be cleaned, filtered and treated for longer equipment life. Like all fuels, diesel has a natural shelf life. diesel is considered an organic fuel and like all organics it decays with age. Diesel can be reliably stored for 12 months at an ambient temperature of 20°C (65°f) and 6 to 12 months at 30°C (86°f).

Molecules in the fuel lengthen and bond over time creating asphaltines (diesel sludge). Diesel sludge can clog in-line filters and damage critical engine components. As a hygroscopic fuel (one which attracts moisture from the atmosphere) diesel often contains freestanding and emulsified water. Water can enter your critical reserves from vents on storage tanks, poorly designed storage systems, the distribution chain and interval engine testing required by local and national legislation.

Emulsified water is water which is absorbed by the fuel. This molecular bond can hold with such tenacity that traditional fuel water separators fail to remove 40% to 100% of entrained water. With Combust Fuel Filter technology, emulsified and dispersed water can be removed bring gasoline and diesel fuels back to a usable state and help protect your equipment.

Fuel Polishing/Tank Cleaning

Combust Fuel Filter systems are available for a variety of applications and fuel volumes and can be installed as a permanent solutions or as mobile (cart) option for portable tank systems. Our mobile filtration are ideal for fuel transfers, tank replacements, marine applications and remote or temporary filtration solutions. Most filter carts can be custom built for your application from 2-gpm to 600-gpm if required.

Originally designed to filter diesel fuels, Combust fuel filtration systems are also certified work with:

  • Low sulphur and ultra low sulphur Diesel (LSD and ULSD)
  • Bio-diesel
  • Gasoline with up to an e-85 ethanol rating
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubricating oils

Filter Elements can be manufactured for your needs and in the following sizes:
* 18" 20-Micron (Particulate Filter)
* 18" 5-Micron (Water Removal & Particulate Filter)
* 18" 2-Micron (Water Removal & Particulate Filter)
* 18" .05-Micron (Water Removal & Particulate Filter)
* 12" Spin-On  with 1.5" x 16 Thread (Water & Particulate Filter)
* 9" Spin-On with 1 3/8" thread (multiple size adapter bushings available)

* 9" Spin-On with 1" x 12 thread (Water Removal & Particulate Filter) 
* 5" Spin-On with 1 3/8" thread (multiple size adapter bushings available)

Washable Combust Filter Screen

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