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Combustion Technologies is the manufacture of CleanBoost and Mettle Plus specialty lubricants. Our team has personal field experiences in fleet, mining, oil & gas as well as manufacturing and maintenance solutions.   This experience was expanded to outside customer issues leading to researching and developing new formulas and products for the marketplace to provide reduced operating costs, provide for longevity of equipment, reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and environmental impact with their use.Combustion Technologies team has education and certifications in tribology, lubrication, detailed analysis of fuels and oils, mining, maintenance, transportation, and the industrial marketplaces. 

CleanBoost and Mettle Plus lubricants have the end user in mind, a quality product means longer component life and a healthier maintenance program. Each an every product Combustion Technologies manufactures goes through an extensive testing procedure using ASTM methods as well as proven field and customer testing in the most extreme conditions.

Combustion Technologies does not just make one product that tries to fit all applications. Combustion looks at each application individually to provide the best overall solution for the operation of intended use and for the individual customer. This approach provides for the absolute best value for the customer in return on investment in costs, routine maintenance labor and cost reductions, and providing for the longest potential use of the equipment purchased.

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