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CleanBoost  Fuel Products!



PLS Spray
Bypass Filter

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Mettle Plus Grease for Equipment

Filter Carts  

Filter Carts and By-Pass Filtration available for hydraulic, diesel fuel storage, gear boxes, engines and more. If you cannot mount a permanent filter to your equipment, a filter cart is the way to go. Many models available for all sizes of sumps and fluids.

* Filtakleen and Combust By-Pass Filtration (Kidney Loop)
* Filtakleen C68, C78 and C88 elements
* Combust Filter (Fuel & By-Pass)
* Filtration Carts (Oils and Fuels)
* Fuel Filtration Stationary and Mobile
* Specialty Motor Oils
* Specialty Lubricants and Greases
* Fuel Treatments/Additives (Winter Cold Flow "Sno-Cat")
* Penetrating Spray/Lube
* CleanBoost Oil Absorbent
* DNFT (Noflo Switches) Whitlock
* Emission Reduction Fuel Products
* Water Removing Fuel Filtration

Engine By-pass Filters

Combustion Technologies USA specializes in Proactive Maintenance Solutions for equipment health and longevity. With a combination of quality filtration, lubricants, additives and more, With Combustion Technologies product line, we can help your mining operation reduce maintenance cost and down time keeping production rolling smoothly. 

We currently work with mines all over the world utilizing our filtration products as well as our specialized lubricants.

Fuel Additive: Lower Emissions and Usage