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Kennecott Copper/Rio Tinto in Utah has been working with Combustion Technologies utilizing our technologies such as Filter Carts, Extended Drains Options, Grease and more for Haul Trucks, Loaders, Turbines and Stationary Equipment.

Utah's own Kennecott Copper/Rio Tinto has been working with Combustion Technologies for over 4 years finding ways
to reduce maintenance costs across all locations of the mine site.

Extending Oil Change Intervals from 250 Hours up to 1000 Hours on some of the filtration projects have proven to save money, downtime, oil cost and more. Combust Filtration Systems have been installed on Loaders, Haul Trucks, Graders and more helping protect their equipment from failure.

Utilizing the Combust Fuel Filter Technology, RioTinto is keeping their fuel tanks clean and removing 100% of the water from the fuel.

Combust Filter Carts have been used throughout the Smelter and Power Plant facilities to keep turbine oils and hydraulic oil clean. Utilizing filter carts allows RioTinto to save money on lubricant purchases as well as keep the equipment running healthy and longer.

In the winter months it gets cold here in Utah, RioTinto uses CleanBoost Sno-Cat to help keep that fuel from gelling in the extreme cold weather. CleanBoost Sno-Cat has been proven to take #1 Diesel fuel to -55 degrees F when mixed at the correct ratio. 

CleanBoost Sno-Cat is utilized by major fleets and railways around Utah helping keep equipment running smooth and healthy. 

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