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Also included in the Industrial Series is the 7330 Combustion Sensor for Caterpillar G3600 series engines. This sensor immediately alerts the engine management at the first sign of abnormal combustion. The same robust construction and innovative design found in the 7302 and 7306 spark plug can be found in this Industrial Series combustion sensor. 

The new Bosch 7306 should be used when extending oil drain intervals or looking to reach over 5000 hours of use. The 7306 can run extended lengths of time to allow your natural gas engines run cleaner, smoother and longer.

The Bosch 7330 part number replaces CAT P/N 159-3219.

Bosch Industrial Series Spark Plugs combine over one hundred years of spark plug engineering experience with robust construction of the highest quality heavy duty components. The result is a superior platinum/iridium spark plug which exhibits unsurpassed reliability and a greatly extended service life. Precious metals in both the center and the ground electrodes provide exceptional resistance to wear.

Industrial Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs (Industrial):
Combustion Technologies offer's Bosch industrial spark plugs for your oil & gas compressor engine applications. Working close with Bosch, we are the leaders when it comes to industrial applications for oil and gas applications.

Spark Plug Interchange Bosch part number 7302& 7306:

* Caterpillar - 194-8518
* Caterpillar - 243-4291
* Champion - KB77WPCC
* Champion - RB77WPCC
* Waukesha - 60999Z
* Waukesha - 69919D

Call us today to get your discounted pricing on our industrial spark plugs. We offer direct shipping to your location the day you order. 

Spark Plugs

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