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CleanBoost Switch911 (Deicer)

CT-S911 is a high-performance, liquid de-icer, specially formulated for use on railroad switches in the harshest and remote operating environments.   It may be used as an emergency de-icing product, to quickly free up frozen switches; or as a pre-treatment, that can be sprayed on immediately before cold weather and storms hit, to provide maximum protection against ice build-up on the moving parts of railroad switches.

For regular preventative maintenance and ongoing switch protection, use our Switch-Rite product on a year-round basis.


  • Fast-acting and convenient liquid formula; works on contact
  • Ready to use; requires no heating
  • Does not re-freeze, like many other de-icer products
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly formula
  • Low toxicity to fish, mammals and vegetation
  • Ultra-low corrosiveness (no sodium or chlorides); safe for tracks and rolling stock
  • Non-flammable; contains no alcohols or solvents
  • Provides residual lubrication and freeze protection

CT-S911 can be sprayed or poured directly onto frozen or iced-up railroad switches, as required.  It is best to remove as much loose snow and ice as possible, before application.  Depending on the thickness and severity of the snow and solid ice build-up, a second and third application may also be required at 15-minute intervals.

Avoid use on cracked, damaged or low-quality concrete, on galvanized metals, or close to non-watertight electrical systems.  Do NOT mix with any other products or liquid chloride de-icers.

Re-apply when new snow/ice accumulation begins to show bonding tendency on switches.


  • Flash PointNon-Flammable
  • Freeze Point-75° F (-59° C)
  • Compatibility with waterTotally Miscible
  • Bulk Density10.7 lbs/gal
  • Personal ProtectionB - Safety Glasses and Gloves

CT-S911 railroad switch de-icer is readily pumpable and self-feeding into the suction side of a pump for spraying, from unheated product storage at temperatures above -50° F (-45° C).  It is stable in non-metal containers, such as polyethylene, that are capable of holding 10.7 lbs. per gallon, which is 28% heavier than water.  Shelf life in closed and original containers is almost indefinite.  Containers not properly sealed may exhibit bacterial growth, as a result of the product biodegrading.  It is an industrial chemical and should be handled with the same precautions as used with other weak alkalis.  Avoid skin and eye contact.  Wash contaminated areas with soap and water.  See SDS for further information.

CT-S911 railroad switch de-icer is available in 275-gallon non-returnable totes, 55-gallon non-returnable polyethylene drums and bulk ISO tanks for some locations.  Product of the United States.

Before transporting, handling, storage or use, see the current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for further details.

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