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Product Information for CleanBoost Windmill Gear Box Oils:

Grade, ISO 220 320 460
AGMA R & 0 Number 5 6 7
GRAVITY, ° API 33.0 
FLASH POINT, °F. 482 482 482
FIRE POINT, °F. 512 
VISCOSITY: cSt @ 40° C. 220 320 460 cSt @ 100° C. 25.73 33.55 36.73
WATER, WT% < 0.1 <0.1 < 0.1
SULFUR, WT% 0.500

If you are a windmill farm owner or have a couple of windmills operating in you area, there is always a better solution for reduction of wear  metals, friction, heat and oxidation in your windmill gear box. This solution is called Mettle Plus (aka CleanBoost EMT). Mettle Plus has been tested by Fuchs laboratories to be compatible with over 95% of the gear oils used in the windmill industry. Mettle Plus can be added to your existing gear oils and help reduce friction, drag, wear, and heat within the gear box. Mettle Plus comes in 5-gallon and 55-gallon options to help support the smallest to largest wind farm and owners of wind turbine around the world.

Wind Turbine, Wind Power

CleanBoost Performance Oils has been working hard for 2 years developing oil that will hold up in today's severe climates for Wind Power Generation. With our EMT technologies incorporated with our special blend turbine oil, we can offer protection beyond the OEM's and help keep energy flowing without bearing and shaft failure.

WIND TURBINE OIL is manufactured from the highest quality synthetic base oils designed to provide premium performance. A well balanced additive package provides excellent oxidation resistance, and good protection against rust, corrosion and foam. Oxidation stability at high temperatures reduces the tendency of the oil to thicken in service and the potential for deposit and sludge formation. Excellent demulsibility enables the oil to separate from water quickly. 

If you already have a great oil for your wind farm, look at the CleanBoost EMT product. Tested by Fuchs lab to be compatible with all gear oils ISO 220 and ISO 320 mineral and synthetic gear oils. Help reduce heat and vibration in windmill gear boxes by using CleanBoost EMT and will reduce wear, temperature and keep your gear box running longer and healthier.

Wind Turbine Oils​

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